Stonebank Partners provides Peer-level Executive Leaders and Advisors that will act as a Catalyst for a step-change in your growth.

  1. Peer C-level Executive advisory support and coaching
  2. Corporate governance, decision-making, investment & capital allocation
  3. Step-change Growth and Profit acceleration and execution Assurance
  4. Innovative New business models and business transformation
  5. Interim executive management and transition support
  6. Key initiative setup/recovery/execution predictability

Our services are aligned to the most important levers that can be pulled to accelerate business growth and value creation. As a core we focus on executive level business decision-making applied to those areas and opportunities that drive the most value. Our expertise is focused on Growth through buying or building new businesses, developing and launching new products and services, and driving sales and customer satisfaction. As part of this we help guide our clients to identify opportunities, make informed decisions, and execute.

Our differentiated value proposition includes:

  • Senior A-Team that consists of Ex-Top tier Consulting Firm Partners and Ex-C-level corporate executives that bring Board and C-level perspective and transformational expertise
  • Strategic and Operational Transformation focused with expertise in business and product strategy, M&A and separations, R&D, commercial, supply chain, and technology improvements. Our team is well versed on the cross-functional operations of the business.
  • High-Speed Value Creation where we focus only on the top value creation levers and work to drive step-change and measurable financial results as fast possible
  • Best-of-the-Best Advisory Collaborations where we engage other top-tier consulting and technology firms and industry experts to deliver leading solutions. We have worked for and know these firms well, who is the best for different needs, and serve as an independent advisor on our client’s behalf.
  • Aggressive and implementable strategies and improvement recommendations. Success is defined as only by exceeding the expected change in business results not by a nice report
  • Client collaborative approach where we work closely with client business stakeholders to ensure new business solutions are well understood and our client will implement and achieve the results near-term and ensure longer-term improvements
  • Ecosystem partnerships are often critical in supporting new business growth opportunities, establishing new businesses models, creating new innovative products/services, and expanding and scaling the business. We support our clients in
  • Quick wins by leveraging data and senior experience to identify issues, solutions and as importantly drive them through implementation and measurable results
  • Industry Depth particularly in life sciences/medical devices, high technology, and industrial products

“By quickly focusing on what matters most and always expecting to innovate drives step-changes in value creation”

Tim Durst, Founder and Sr. Managing Partner